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Rapid iPhone Game Development with SpriteBuilder - a short Sneak Preview

by benjaminencz 4 months, 4 weeks ago / 6 Points / 2 Comments

We now have released a full tutorial on SpriteBuilder. Learn how to clone Angry Birds using SpriteBuilder and Cocos2d 3.0.

Learn how to build a simple game with 100 lines of code!

Fast prototyping, continuous iteration, adopting player feedback; Game development is all about changing your game fast and often. At MakeGamesWithUs we focus on getting anything out of your way that takes time away from developing your game (Checkout our SDK and our template games).

Today we are happy to give you a short pre release preview of a tool that will cut down your development time drastically: SpriteBuilder.

SpriteBuilder is the successor of Cocosbuilder and it will be using the brand new Cocos2d v3.0 framework. SpriteBuilder let's you build Cocos games using a WYSIWYG editor. You can even build particle effects and animations within the visual editor:

A first demo project

The first project we have built is a very simple version of an angry birds clone. The magic: it comes with only 100 lines of Game Code!

The game includes a shooting mechanism, physics and collision detections, particle effects and a simple "Game Over" animation, take a short look at it:

Feel free to look into the Source Code of this project.

SpriteBuilder and Cocos2d v.3.0 are still under development but this short preview is very exciting. Shortly we will coming up with new Templates, Tutorials and Resources how to build amazing games in a very short time, making use of the new integrated physics engines, the simpler particle effects and many MGWU widgets and components - so stay tuned.

If you have any questions, send me an E-Mail: [email protected]

Happy Coding!

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